Potocki Palace (5, Shpytalna Str.), June 15, 22:00

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Lithographs are the final products of stone engravings. Also stand as the name of the fifth joint project by Yurii Andrukhovych and the Polish band “Karbido”. It followed the previous albums called “Samohon” (2006, 2008), “Cinnamon” (2009), “Absinthe” (2012) and “Atlas Estremo” (2015) – which have defined the way in which poetic visions enter a continuous dialogue, that sometimes turns into an uncompromising confrontation with the music. So there emerges a definitely special Third World – the space where one cannot separate poetry from music.

The “Lithographs” project is entirely devoted to the old Stanislaviv with its stories and legends. The text basis for it has been formed by the eponymous cycle of seven poems by Yuri Andrukhovych, which was first released in the second half of 1980th and in three decades later instantly gained a renewed sense. So, not by chance, the creators of the project had been delaying the premiere for such an occasion: Ivano-Frankivsk, the historical Stanislaviv, Potocki Palace, PORTO FRANKO Festival.

Another premiere is a specially designed for “Lithographs” fresh work of CUBE VJs, a video mapping which has become an indispensable component of all spectacles involving the ones by Yurii Andrukhovych and “Karbido”.

Yurii Andrukhovych – voice, texts
Tomek Sikora – saxophones, electronics
Marek Otvinovskiy- voice (bass)
Igor Hnydyn – drums
VJ group CUBE – Visualization / vj-mapping


Taras Prokhasko, Keba Tsisoho, Vladyslav Sokha
Pototskykh Palace (5, Shpytalna str.), June 16, 20:00

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Taras Prokhasko – writer, essayist and philosopher, molfar-guardian and the guard (averter) of ancient Carpathian Mountains. Taras Prokhasko is going to meet with the singer and performer on the crust, representative of the ancient Senegalese musical dynasty Keba Tsisoho, who will bring us melodies and rhythms of West African coast of the Atlantic Ocean. He graduated from Ivan Franko Lviv National University – the Faculty of Biology (1992). He participated in the student movement of 1989-1991 years, the “revolution on granite” in Kiev 1990.
The best-known books: the novel “Complicated”, story “Anna’s Other Days”, essay “FM Galicia”, “One and the same”. Taras Prokhasko is also the author of children’s books series: “Who’ll make the snow”, “Where did the Sea disappear” and “How to understand a goat.” The most famous translations of: Andrzej Stasiuk “Galician Stories”, “East”; Stanislav Vincenz “On a High Mountain Glen”.

Vladyslav Sokha is a street musician, a percussionist, a member of the scout organization called “Plast”. He is a student of Igor Semkiv, studied percussion instruments.Graduated with Masters Degree from Institute of Arts of Carpathian National University (2017). He used to be head of the organization “Plast – National Scout Organization of Ukraine” in Ivano-Frankivsk (2015-2017).

Keba Tsisoho – is the performer on the crust and the singer, the representative (bearer) of Senegalese ancient tradition. He is from the old musical family. His father was acknowledged (declared) as “The King of Crust” (a traditional musical instrument). Keba lives in Vienna.

Poesophonia. Night

Anne Bennent, George Potopalsky, Diana Lototska, Yuri Izdryk, Alireza Toghiyani, Damian Keller, NOVA OPERA
Drama theater foyer (Nezalezhnosti street, 31) June 16, 23:59

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– the audience will be placed on mattresses and will be provided with tea and coffee during the breaks;
– mobile phones and other electronic devices should be put into the storage chamber at the entrance;
– photography, video , audio recording and media access to the event is prohibited;
– if the volunteers or the guard notice anyone using electronic devices in the room, those people will be forced to leave the performance;
– the listeners who will go back to the wardrobe in order to check their mobile phones during the performance will be forced to leave the theater.

ACT I. Palimpsest
Anne Bennent accompanied by NOVA OPERA Ensemble (Roman Hryhoriw, Ilya Razumeyko, Zhanna Marchinska, Andrew Nadolskyy). The poetry of Arthur Rimbaud, Samuel Beckett, Wolfgang Bauer, Robert Walse in French, English, German.
ACT II. Konezerte-Konzepte
Mysterious voice of Yuri Izdryk, the legend of Ukrainian poetry scene, accompanied by a contrabassist and performer Alireza Toghiyani((Iran-Austria) and accordionist Damian Keller (Austria).
ACT III. Singapore
Cyclic digital noise generators, crackling transmit mystical atmosphere of an imaginary city Singapore, which combines manmade structure sound information in the world with an emphasis on phonetic features live voices and their shadows. Textures penetrate each other to form a complex space of the city. The poetry of Mykhail Semenko, Nika Turbina. Artists: Architect – ujif_notfound, resident – Diana Lototska, shadow – Kata Okneson.

ujif_notfound [UN2114] (Heorhii Potopalskyi) – generates audio and visual streams in real time during “live” performances.
Diana Lototska – singer, pianist, actor.
Izdryk (Yurko, Yurii, Yur) – writer, musician, activist, enthusiast of multi genre and polystylistic self-presentation, sociopath.
Damian Keller (Austria) – accordionist. He studied at the State Conservatory of Voralberg in the class of Professor Goran Kovacic. Since 2015 he has been studying at the Conservatory in Vienna, in the class of Professor Gregor Stop. The winner of many competitions regularly performs solo, accompanied by a symphonic brass band and as part of various ensembles.
Anne Bennent – an actress, participated in the shooting of numerous films, she also worked with the legendary director Michael Haneke. Ann is in a constant search in the field of musical and melodramatic projects in collaboration with various musicians, she has a lot performances from Paris to Tokyo, from Vienna to Zanzibar. Her repertoire include – French chanson, Oneggera and Stravinsky, she easily combines it with various languages, poetry, dance and performative practices.
Instrumentalists of the formation “Nova Opera” – founders of the Festival PORTO FRANKO – composer and pianist Ilya Razumeyko, composer and bassist Roman Gregory, cellist Jeanne Marczyński and drummer Andrew Nadolskyy – are the basis for instrumental ensemble of “Nova Opera” team, together they participated in the creation of such operas as “IYOV”, “BABYLON”, “nerpOsti” (“difficult”), which were presented at Gogolfest in 2015-2016 and at various festivals in Ukraine, Poland, of Denmark, Austria and Macedonia. As part of the night poesophonia, the ensemble of “Nova Opera” will become a multi-instrumental orchestra, that will combine performative poetry with polystylistic music play and stochastic movement of artists between audio points.

Jim Morrison. “An American Prayer”. Musical-Poetic Presentation

Potocki Palace (5, Shpytalna Str.), June 17, 18:00

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The first musical-poetic presentation of the first licensed complete works of the legendary Jim Morrison in Ukrainian, the book “An American Prayer” from the Ivano-Frankivsk publishing house “Drunken Boat Publishers”, will be held within the Porto Franko festival on the tropical stage of the Potocki Palace on June 17, 2017 at 6 p.m. Jim Morrison preferred to consider himself primarly a poet, but he is known mostly as a musician. We will show both his dimensions. Reading poetry will smoothly flow into The Doors covers played by the iconic Familia Perkalaba, that for many years has been a musical visiting card of the city, and the supergroup The Lizard Kings, composed of musicians of famous Ivano-Frankivsk groups (Anatolii Blednykh, Stanislav Bodnaruk, Andrii Mykhailov, Oleksii Yarosh). And Kiril Kirillov’s graphic works that illustrate the book will be exhibited in the Palace.
Jim Morrison is a visionary and mystic poet. Obsessed, intoxicated with poetry, music, theatre and cinema, a preacher of ancient myths, spells and that side of reality which is hidden from view. Poet who raves. Poet who fears. Poet who suffers from supersaturation and exhaustion. Poet who decomposes the world into many small parts and composes his own reality out of them. Morrison’s poetry, having a powerful intellectual background, is naive and ingenuous like a child uncontaminated with mind, like consciousness of primitive people driven solely by instincts, disheveled, wild and mad, thoughtful, cold-blooded and calm, fresh and suffocating. It is true poetry. The one which does not state anything. The one which just points at the possibilities. Opens all the doors. This evening in the yard of the Potocki Palace you can enter the ones you like. And the music will show you the way and will not allow to get lost.