Ostrale – Re form

Pototskykh Palace (5, Shpytalna Str.), June 14 – July 7

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Detlef Schweiger (Germany), Synchrodogs (Kyiv), Matthias Jackisch (Germany), Rostyslav Koterlin (Ivano-Frankivs’k), Stefan Voigt (Germany), Ihor Pereklita (Halych), Vj group Cube (Ivano-Frankivs’k), Janak Kouzel (Belorus\Germany), Yevhen Sambors’kyy (Kyiv), Holger Wendland (Germany), Stef Fridael (The Netherlands), Mariëlle van Deursen (The Netherlands), Luk Sponselee (The Netherlands), Maksim Hartwig (Russia\Germany), Taka Kagitomi (Japan\Germany), Dmytro Petryna (Ivano-Frankivs’k), Petro Ryaska (Uzhhorod), Mayke Verhoeven (Netherlands), Yuriy Borynets’ (Nadvirna), Ruslan Tremba (Uzhhorod), Serhiy Hryhoryan (Ivano-Frankivs’k), Werner Klompen (The Netherlands), Ol’ha Kukush (Ivano-Frankivs’k), Petro Buyak (Ivano-Frankivs’k), Nikita Schmitz (Germany).


Potocki Palace (5, Shpytalna Str.), June 15, 22:00

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Lithographs are the final products of stone engravings. Also stand as the name of the fifth joint project by Yurii Andrukhovych and the Polish band “Karbido”. It followed the previous albums called “Samohon” (2006, 2008), “Cinnamon” (2009), “Absinthe” (2012) and “Atlas Estremo” (2015) – which have defined the way in which poetic visions enter a continuous dialogue, that sometimes turns into an uncompromising confrontation with the music. So there emerges a definitely special Third World – the space where one cannot separate poetry from music.

The “Lithographs” project is entirely devoted to the old Stanislaviv with its stories and legends. The text basis for it has been formed by the eponymous cycle of seven poems by Yuri Andrukhovych, which was first released in the second half of 1980th and in three decades later instantly gained a renewed sense. So, not by chance, the creators of the project had been delaying the premiere for such an occasion: Ivano-Frankivsk, the historical Stanislaviv, Potocki Palace, PORTO FRANKO Festival.

Another premiere is a specially designed for “Lithographs” fresh work of CUBE VJs, a video mapping which has become an indispensable component of all spectacles involving the ones by Yurii Andrukhovych and “Karbido”.

Yurii Andrukhovych – voice, texts
Tomek Sikora – saxophones, electronics
Marek Otvinovskiy- voice (bass)
Igor Hnydyn – drums
VJ group CUBE – Visualization / vj-mapping

Gogol Bordello Non Stop

Margarita Jimeno, USA, 2008, 93′
Lumiere cinema (3, Hrushevskoho Str.), June 15, 15:00

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A vibrant chronicle of one of today’s most notorious and revered live bands, Gogol Bordello, and front man Eugene Hütz’s gypsy-punk Ukrainian immigrant. Filmmaker Margarita Jimeno tracks their raucous gigs from 2001 to 2007, from NYC to Italy, as the band rises from dingy basements to international main-stages, from underground legends to international rock stars, music is non-stop.

The Eleventh Year

Dziga Vertov, Ukraine, VUFKU, 1928. soundtrack for the film will be performed live by Anton Baibakov
Lumiere cinema (3, Hrushevskoho Str.), June 15, 21:00

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The Eleventh Year (1928) is the first of the three avant-garde films made by Dziga Vertov in Ukraine. The eleventh year of Socialist rule is the time of industrialization, construction of Dnieper Hydroelectric Station and other industrial giants. The camera focuses only on the most important thing – on work, on tireless construction of a new, Socialist reality in Ukraine. The new, contemporary soundtrack for the film was written by Ukrainian composer Anton Baibakov, indie performer and sound engineer for cinema, winner of multiple prestigious international awards for his soundtracks to classical and modern movies.


Doug Aitken, USA, 2015, 71’
Lumiere cinema (3, Hrushevskoho Str.), June 16, 15:00

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A high speed roadtrip through modern creativity. It is a revolutionary feature comprised of 62 one-minute films highlighting an exciting and eclectic mix of artists, musicians, writers, places, and perspectives. In the summer of 2013, a train designed as a kinetic light sculpture by artist Doug Aitken traveled from New York City to San Francisco over 24 days. Rolling into ten stations on the route, the train set in motion a series of happenings, each unique to its location and mix of creative participants. The film features Beck, Thurston Moore, Patti Smith, Cat Power, No Age, Suicide, and many other artists.

The Punk Singer

Sini Anderson, USA, 2013, 80′
Lumiere cinema (3, Hrushevskoho Str.), June 16, 21:00

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Kathleen Hanna – an icon of American punk-rock, frontwomen of the bands Bikini Kill and Le Tigre.
Using a combination of interviews and archival footage including live band performances, the film traces the life and career of Hanna from her troubled upbringing and her start in spoken word performance poetry, through her riot grrrl zines, her prominent punk and dance-punk bands, her coining of the phrase “Smells Like Teen Spirit” for Kurt Cobain, her solo career as Julie Ruin, her feminist activism.

Melody of Noise

Gitta Gsell, Switzerland, Germany, 2016, 86’
Lumiere cinema (3, Hrushevskoho Str.), June 17, 15:00

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The film is a daredevil journey into the realm of noises and sounds, of rhythm and silence. A journey along with those who listen closely and without any reservations. The Gyro Gearlooses of music, those who seek new sounds nobody has ever heard before passionately. They build new instruments, work with everyday drones, and in doing so transform noise into sound. A film that will make you listen with your eyes and see with your ears. Unexpectedly sensual.

B-Movie: Lust & Sound in West-Berlin

Jörg A. Hoppe, Heiko Lange, Germany, 2015, 92′
Lumiere cinema (3, Hrushevskoho Str.), June 17, 21:00

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The main character of the film is Mark Reeder – a DJ, musician and producer of Joy Division. He moves from Manchester to the city at the end of Europe, surrounded by the wall. In the wild Berlin of 1980s Reeder meets Nick Cave, Tilda Swinton, New Order, pioneers of techno and noise.



Anna Akulevych, Ukraine, 2017, music documentary
Lumiere cinema (3, Hrushevskoho Str.), June 18, 15:00

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A story of success, a story of a talented musician whose calling has acquired messianic meaning due to difficult political situation in the country. Though for the author it is first of all an “intimate story of a tender woman with an eagle’s heart”.

Gimme Danger

Jim Jarmusch, USA, 2016, 110’, the story of The Stooges, one of the greatest rock-n-roll bands of all time.
Lumiere cinema (3, Hrushevskoho Str.), June 18, 21:00

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The film chronicles the story of Iggy Pop  and The Stooges, one of the greatest rock-n-roll bands of all time. Emerging from Ann Arbor Michigan amidst a countercultural revolution, The Stooges’ powerful and aggressive style of rock-n-roll blew a crater in the musical landscape of the late 1960s. Assaulting audiences with a blend of rock, blues, R&B, and free jazz, the band planted the seeds for what would be called punk and alternative rock in the decades that followed.


Project by Sed Contra Ensemble
Pototskykh Palace (5, Shpytalna str.), June 15, 19:00

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“Austritt” – is going beyond, into new cultural contexts and sound area. Performers-composers of contemporary music from Kyiv Sed Contra Ensemble will present an original project where combined will be structure and spontaneity, precision and improvisation, following impulses and balance. On the verge of the various interactions canons are discharged, previously unexplored new forms of co-creation appear and wake up.

The project “Austritt” is an attempt to provoke a challenge, new forms of musical thinking, opposed to the stereotyped standards. Sed Contra Ensemble was created in 2013 on the initiative of the composers Serhiy Vilka, Vitaliy Kyyanytsa and Andriy Merkhelyo.  Winners of numerous international competitions are part of the ensemble.  The ensemble performs chamber music from the early twentieth century until nowadays, presents series of concerts of young composers’ music, and new projects of improvised and electronic music.

Over the years the group has presented a number of original projects and performed premieres of many works of foreign and local composers. The group took part in “GogolFest”, “Contrasts”, “Kyiv Music Fest”, “Kyiv Contemporary Music Days”, “Two Days and Two Nights of New Music”, “International Youth Music Forum”, “Lviv Hindemit Fest”, “Musical premieres of the season “,” FreeFest “,” Porto Franko “, ” Poznanska Wiosna Muzyczna “,” Ukraińska Wiosna “(Poland), forum “Donkult “, international projects “The interaction of dance and music”, “EM-VISIA”,  project “Alliance 22″, ” Sonor Continuus “. Since 2015 Sed Contra Ensemble has cooperated with New Theater on Pechersk. Among the collaborative projects is the presentation “Hesse. Proverbs” and the Laboratory of Music and Theater “Sound. Voice. Silence”.

Port’all. Permanent liminality

Anatoly Zvizhynskyy curator project
Pototskykh Palace (5, Shpytalna Str.), June 15-18

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The “open port” of art, into which will Frankivsk turn in a middle of June, everyone can visit. That’s why it is called open. Therefore everyone will have the opportunity to become a guest or a participant. We will show and talk about everything. The visual part will include interpenetration moment – in the exhibition will take part works  that will be presented in a  month at the Biennale «Ostrale» in Dresden under the slogan Re_form. Reform can be interpreted as «re-» and «form», i.e. shape change, the content change or essence of something.

Works of artists from Germany, Holland, Russia, Romania, Georgia, Japan, Belarus and Ukraine will create original confrontations. Artistic. About politics, way of life, money, beauty and deformity, about memory, history and design coming, about what a modern person lives by and what failing her.

In the modern world it began usual not to know history, not to remember the past, or originally to interpret events that were preceded to present time. Town’s history bashfully forgot partially the founders of city from the sort of Pototskykh – today small that testifies to their stay in the once built fortress. The complex of building “Pototskykh Place” rather reminds unsuccessful parody on palazzo, especially since a combat hospital was here situated. Territory of a complex is now closed for free access, building does not look closely, collapse, fall into a decay, and part of territory is exploited under a parking place. Emptiness of oblivion was filled by the sea. Frankivsk seceded from Stanislaviv a sea and grew into a port. Ethics is transferable into aesthetics.

The festival is not only a holiday, which is always with you, but also a platform for the formation of today’s issues as well as the eternal, place matching aesthetics catalyst forming ideologies and myths. Try this.

Andriy Sahaydakovs’kyy (Lviv), Serhiy Bratkov (Russia), Lia Gulua (Georgia\Austria), Oleksa Furdiyak (Lviv), Taras Polatayko (Chernivtsi), Yuriy Izdryk (Kalush), Serhiy Petlyuk (Lviv), Oleh Voronko (Lviv), Dmytro Petryna (Ivano-Frankivs’k), Marєyana Hlyns’ka (Ivano-Frankivs’k), Ihor Panchyshyn (Ivano-Frankivs’k), Vsevolod Bazhaluk (Ivano-Frankivs’k), Yuriy Bakay (Ivano-Frankivs’k), Bob Square Pic (Ivano-Frankivs’k), Kostyantyn Zorkin & Sandro Haribashvili (Kharkiv), Yaroslav Yanovs’kyy (Ivano-Frankivs’k), Vadym Kharabaruk (Uzhhorod), Natalka Shevchenko (Uzhhorod), Khrystyna Pyshch (Ivano-Frankivs’k), Olena Siyatovs’ka (Dnipro), Hamed Jaberha (Iran), Oleh Kostyuk (Russia), Myroslav Korol’ (Kyiv), Mykola Dzhychka (Ivano-Frankivs’k), Volodymyr Topiy (Lviv), Volodymyr Mulyk (Ivano-Frankivs’k), Max Hartwig (Germany), Oleh Kostyuk (Russia).

Jazz ShowCase

Acid Error (Uzhgorod), Zhenia and Katia (Vinnytsia), Manyk Band (Ivano-Frankivsk), Semmar (Kyiv), Stelsi (Chernivtsi), Goodlife (Lutsk), Leo Mantis (Kyiv)
Pototskykh Palace (5, Shpytalna str.), June 15, 13:00

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Jazz Koktebel’s band selection process

Tropic Fest

Javiro (Spain), Ion Din Anina (Spain), Tommy Cobre (Colombia)
Pototskykh Palace (5, Shpytalna str.), June 16-18, 15:00-18:00

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Ion din Anina is a Global Bass DJ. In his sets he mixes traditional folk music with new styles of electronic beats. He specializes on the fusion of Balkan music with all styles of urban music, incorporating other sounds such as cumbia, african music, along with all the influences of the Mediterranean. A global sound space is created where there is room for all music from this world and all other planets. Today, this music is often called Global Club Music or Global Bass. Ion din Anina has spun more than 10 years behind the decks; he is an undisputed representative of the Balkan scene in Spain. He has toured various clubs throughout Europe: Berlin, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Dublin, Paris, London, Madrid or Milan are some cityes where Ion din Anina has played. Playing aswell in some international Festivals like Fusion (Germany), Carnemvale (Italy), AlRumbo (Spain), Goulash Disko (Croatia) or Etnosur (Spain). He has shared the stage with Fanfare Ciocarlia, Systema Solar, Sargento Garcia, Ojos de Brujo, Chico Trujillo, Skip&Die, Brooklyn Gypsies, Bombino, Filastine, Shazalakazoo, Miss Bolivia, Faauna or Sara Hebe; and dj ́s such as Shantel, Uproot Andy, Dunkelbunt, Rafael Aragon, Bigote, Panko, Robert Soko and many more…

Tommy Cobre was born in Cali, Colombia, the world capital of Salsa music. Being raised in Colombia, between the vibrant city and the depths of the Andes mountains, he grew up amongst music and dance all day long. At the age of 17 he moved to Almeria, Spain and motivated by his musical influences, became an active part of the nightclub scene by DJing and promoting dance sessions. Over time he has become one of the leading promoters and cultural agitators of Southern Spain with his two collectives, Rough & Rude Soundsystem and City Cobras that specialize in Reggae, Cumbia, African roots and Funk. When he is not organizing events, he is busy DJing around Spain in clubs and festivals lighting up the dancefloors with Tropical sounds ranging from Salsa and Cumbia from his native Colombia along with Dancehall, Tropical Bass and Roots Reggae.

Javiro, originating from Southern Spain, is co-director and in resident DJ of Wapapura. As the driving force in Wapapura to discover new contexts for danceevents he was a pioneer in producing the first ever solar powered daytime outdoor dance parties in Spain and Colombia with events like the “Perdiz Tropical”, “Sonera Solar” and the “Tropical Camp”. As a DJ, he loves to make people dance while he explores the boundary breaking influence of Tropical Music in musical styles from all over the world. In his own events in Spain and events in Belgium, Colombia, South Africa and Germany, Javiro has shared the stage with Throes + The Shine, Uproot Andy, Sargento Garcia, Nicola Cruz, Richard Blair, Hector Buitrago, Caballito, Tremenda Jauria, El Tunche Sound Systema, Maga Bo, Guacamayo Tropical, El Remolón, Candeleros….

Night Show

Afterparty show with Spanish, Colombian and Ukrainian DJs
Pototskykh Palace (5, Shpytalna str.), June 16-18, 23:00-04:00

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JAVIRO (Spain), ION DIN ANINA (Spain), TOMMY COBRE (Colombia), Flashy, Dub-ro, Zoolini, Ma-gooch, Kozlov, Na31

Tea Party / BETWEEN US

Choreographers – Olga Labovkina (Belarus) / Chevy Muraday (Spain)
Puppet Theater (10a, Nezalezhnosti str), June 15, 17:00

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“Tea-party” is a dance work in the form of research – a collaboration of Olga Labovkina as guest choreographer and Totem Dance Group (Kyiv, Ukraine). The theme of the research is interpersonal relationships in the group. For many years together … personal boundaries clear and sharp … like a ding cups. The status, roles, not always emotional compatibility … it has become a strong, solid, tangible. Sometimes we all reach a boiling point. Maybe just drink tea?
Labovkina Olga – a dancer, choreographer and performer, who works in the field of modern dance, visual arts, theater and performance. Founder of Karakuli dance theatre (Minsk, Belarus). As a choreographer she worked with STB TV channel (the show “Everybody Dance. The Last Stand”).
“Between Us” – is a sincere and sensitive work of the Spanish choreographer – Chevy Muraday with Ukrainian dance company Totem Dance Group. This is a kind of manifesto of love, desire, search of the way and the joy of movement to the dream, based on the poetry of Charles Baudelaire.
Muraday Chevy – a choreographer , who has already received more than 8 awards, one of which declared him the best dancer and choreographer – Premios Max. He has worked as a choreographer in Great Britain, United States and South America. After the foundation of his own dance troupe Losdedae, for the development of contemporary dance in Spain, it was created more than 30 performances. Chevy Myuraday also combines his career as a dancer with teaching work in courses, seminars and workshops.
Dancers: Jaroslav Kaynar, Bogdan Kyrylenko, Bogdan Urhov, Olga Markovych, Olena Mic, Christina Slobodyanyuk, Bodryk Iryna, Alina Tshovrebova.


Totem Dance Group. Choreographer – Yaroslav Kaynar
Puppet Theater (10a, Nezalezhnosti str), June 16, 17:00

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“Contemporary choreography can be funny!” This is what dancers and choreographers of Totem Dance Group say.
Hanger – is quite an interesting thing. It can vary in shape, structure and name. But the most important thing is that the purpose of each one hanger in the world is one-of-a-kind – to keep things which are hung on it and wait until people will animate them and breathe life and energy into them. Why do we have a bunch of stuff, but do not use it? Perhaps people think that accumulating assets will make them richer. But we just mess up our space, in which there is no room for new energy. And what you should do with all these things now?
In the play “Hanger” dancers will not overwhelm audience with questions and ask them to search for the meaning. No, their only task is – to have a good time with all the spectators.
Jaroslav Kaynar – choreographer, teacher, dancer, winner of international competitions and teacher of contemporary dance and modern jazz in the TDS.
Artists: Totem Dance Group – Daria Dontsova, Elena Galushko, Christina Slobodyanyuk, Bodryk Irina, Bohdan Kirilenko, Olga Markovic, Tshovrebova Alina, Daria Turash.


Puppet Theater (10a, Nezalezhnosti str), June 17, 17:00

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“De|Synchronization” is a modern dance performance by Anton Ovchinnikov. The idea of this work arose from considerations of how our past creates our present. Exploring the history of his country through the prism of individual mental and bodily experience, for a long time he peered into pictures and texts, listening to the sounds and melodies of his youth. He moved along with the music that left a mark in his memory and body. What kind of experience is more important? Is it possible to understand the peculiarities of one’s mental memory, referring to the bodily one? Why are we who we actually are?

Anton Ovchinnikov – the founder of the Festival of Contemporary Dance “Tochka Peretynu” (Kyiv – Kharkiv – Kherson); ARTEL project aimed at supporting young choreographers of modern dance and helping in creating works for the professional stage. Since 2010 – to date: founder and director of the International Contemporary Dance festival «Zelyonka Fest».


Puppet Theater (10a, Nezalezhnosti str), June 18, 13:00

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Renowned Latvian choreographer and performer Dmitrijs Gaitjukevičs is going to hold a workshop for dance lovers.

“Duel. Solo” / “DIVE”

Puppet Theater (10a, Nezalezhnosti str), June 18, 17:00

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“Dive” performance is created by famous Latvian choreographer and performer Dmitrijs Gaitjukevičs
“Dive” – into a state, close to a coma. When time slows down and in a second you could do what could be done in an hour. A feeling similar to when one is in front of the “light” and has a choice to leave this world or stay in it. Dive into yourself as an attempt to move the thoughts into the background and let the body move from other impulses.
The hero of “Duel / Solo” is obsessed with the idea of self-improvement, which becomes an obsession superiority over the other. Obviously, he has a lot of opinions and assumptions which, as it seems to him, lead to superiority over the opponents. All these thoughts one way or another occur in his actions. The idea of superiority is reduced to absurdity which inevitably leads to destruction. How will the fight against imaginary opponents end?
Anton Ovchinnikov – the founder of the Festival of Contemporary Dance “Tochka Peretynu” (Kyiv – Kharkiv – Kherson); ARTEL project aimed at supporting young choreographers of modern dance and helping in creating works for the professional stage. Since 2010 – to date: founder and director of the International Contemporary Dance festival «Zelyonka Fest».

She is the Land

Based on novels by Vasyl Stefanyk
Ivano-Frankivsk Music and Drama Theatre (42, Nezalezhnosti str), June 15, 18:00

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Ivano-Frankivsk Academic Music and Drama Theatre named after Ivan Franko (Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine)
Based on novels by Vasyl Stefanyk
Directed by Rostyslav Derzhypilsky, Natalia Polovynka

“I was writing to tune and tighten the strings of our countryman’s soul to let the great Beethoven music appear” (Vasyl Stephanyk).

‘God’, ‘mother’, ‘son’, ‘land’, ‘road’ are the sacred images on the altar screen of the planet. Martyrs and saints cry out about mercy and love, about reunion of the mother and the son, about the end of war… This is a performance-lament of Mother-Land for murdered children, in which purgation, transformation of boundless pain into boundless hope is carried out through the sacred prayerful action. “The pain melted in God’s love regenerates into the spiritual entity, spiritual calling and power… This is a tightened string touched by the genius’s hand… Shevchenko, Franko, Stephanyk… and this sound is the anticipation of Ukraine that we are striving for…”

Natalia Polovynka
Oleh Tsiona
Oleksiy Hnatkovsky
Nadiya Levchenko
Viktor Abramyuk
Andriy Batyr
Ivan Blindar
Iryna Bunyak
Dmytro Kirhach
Oleksiy Leibyuk
Andriy Melnyk
Mykola Slyvchuk
Ivanna Sirko
Ivanna Terletska
Maryana Tymchyshyn
Liliya Yuskevych

… But the Wind…

Kinetic performance, dir. Vlad Troyitsky, DAKH Centre for Contemporary Art (Kyiv)
Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast Philharmonic (3, Lesia Kurbasa Str.), June 15, 20:00

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Kinetic performance
DAKH Centre for Contemporary Art (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Directed by Vlad Troyitsky

This is a story about life, encounter, love, separation, loneliness, hope… and then again life.
“There are three actors on the stage embodying different human personae, but there are only two characters: the human with all their feelings, hopes and conflicts; and the wind – silent and invisible – unconditional existence of which is probably the only possible form of dialogue with the human.“ (O.Pastushenko) It is the wind that fills the emptiness of the world, and it is the wind that propels people’s fates.
The stage setting is made of dozens of fans and a lot of cellophane. The music is formed by combination of noises of the stage and drums. The video mapping shapes the space of a fairytale dream.


A tribute to the generation of the XXth century
Ivano-Frankivsk Music and Drama Theatre (42, Nezalezhnosti str), June 16, 15:00

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Practicum theatre and DAKH Contemporary Art Centre
Author – Vira Makoviy
Director – David Petrosyan

“Buna” is basically a tribute to the generation of the XXth century that experienced the entire tragedy of the country – Holodomor, war, repressions. They bear in their hearts thousands of unwritten events that no one will ever read about and thousands of unheard songs that no one will ever hear. It is a true story of a family with ‘buna’ (‘grandmother’ in Bukovyna dialect) and her granddaughter living under one roof but in completely different worlds. Buna raises her granddaughter the way she finds proper, though sometimes her actions appear to be harsh and unjustified. The young girl decides to move abroad to start a new life there. But will the tree get rooted into a new ground? What is the way? To pursue the dream or to keep the family values? To endure oppression or to start a struggle for liberation? What is it that holds people in their Motherland? What are conscience of the nation, traditions and culture in the modern world?

The young team of PRACTICUM spent one month living in a village where time seemed to have come to a halt. They were observing life of local people and the generation of nonagenarians, recording authentic songs and traditions. And these observations are featured in the performance.

Khrystia Fedorak (Buna)
Ania Snihur (Orysia)
Ivan Sharan (Mytro)
Marichka Shtyrbulova (Yilyk)
Semen Kysly (Petro)
Songs and music – Anna Glukhenka and Marichka Shtyrbulova

A Hunger Artist

Dir. Eimuntas Nekrošius, Meno Fortas Theatre (Vilnius, Lithuania)
Ivano-Frankivsk Music and Drama Theatre (42, Nezalezhnosti str), June 16, 18:00

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Produced by Meno Fortas Theatre (Vilnius, Lithuania)
with a support of Lithuanian Culture Council
by Franz Kafka
Directed by Eimuntas Nekrošius
Stage design by Marius Nekrošius
Costume design by Nadežda Gultiajeva

In Nekrošius interpretation, this short novel by Franz Kafka turns into “the Absolute Artist’s fate sketch”. The hunger artist revels in his power and ability to overcome hunger. He is driven by the desire for fame and recognition. Yet he faces lack of understanding. Regardless of being doomed to solitude among people, the hunger artist is committed to his calling. And then, his fame relentlessly flickering out, he seals himself to a miserable existence in the circus – for the sake of art…

“The performance leaves a strong bitter inexplicable impression. This is a little masterpiece of Nekrošius which you feel like sharing with the dearest people, bringing it in your pocket, holding it out and saying: “Make sure to watch it!”

Viktorija Kuodytė as A Hunger Artist
Vygandas Vadeiša
Vaidas Vilius
Genadij Virkovskij

Twelfth Night, or What You Will

Dir. Dmytro Bohomazov, Andriy Saminin, Kyiv Academic Drama and Comedy Theatre on the Left bank
Ivano-Frankivsk Music and Drama Theatre (42, Nezalezhnosti str), June 17, 13:00

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Co-production of Kyiv Academic Drama and Comedy Theatre on the Left bank of the Dnipro River and Kyiv National University of Theatre, Cinema and Television named after Ivan Karpenko-Kary
Author – William Shakespeare
Translated by Yuri Andrukhovych
Directed by Dmytro Bohomazov, Andriy Saminin
Stage and costume design by Petro Bohomazov
Choreography by Oleksiy Sklyarenko
Music design by Oleksandr Behma

This is one of the most joyous Shakespearean comedies, full of jokes and flaming optimism, named after the Twelfth Night which would crown the biggest winter holiday Yule – observing of Winter Solstice – in the olden days. The Twelfth Night is the night that gives birth to a new year and a new cycle of life. At the Twelfth Night, all worlds’ gates are open and all their dwellers get together to welcome a new life with a festive feast. This night is believed to be the most peaceful time in a year, when even evil spirits deserve greetings and holiday treatment. In this playful and comic story with funny pranks and perky tricks everybody is dreaming about love but, as it often happens, they fall in love with those who do not share their feelings. A range of intrigues, maneuvers, disguises, confessions and pointless duels finally end up in the most improbable way – all barriers get ruined in the face of true love and those, who seemed to have been hopelessly lost, show up out of the blue.

Makar Tykhomyrov (Duke Orsino)
Maria Zanyborsch (Viola)
Anastasiya Pustovit (Olivia)
Khrystyna Lyuba (Maria)
Oleksandr Rudynsky (Sir Toby Belch)
Pavlo Shpehun (Sir Andrew Aguecheek)
Oleksandr Koval (Malvolio)
Oleksandr Behma (Feste, the jester)
Mykhailo Dadalev (Fabian)
Maksym Kyrychenko (Curio)
Oleksandr Bodnar (Sebastian)
Artem Shemet (Antonio)
Yevhen Hryhoriyev
Borys Savenko
Hanna Pavlyk


William Shakespeare transl. by Yuri Andrukhovych, dramma per musica
Ivano-Frankivsk Music and Drama Theatre (42, Nezalezhnosti str), June 17, 18:00

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Dramma per musica
Ivano-Frankivsk Academic Music and Drama Theatre named after Ivan Franko (Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine)
William Shakespeare translated by Yuri Andrukhovych
Directed by Rostyslav Derzhypilsky
Music by Roman Grygoriv, Illia Razumeiko
Costume design by Lesia Golovach
Choreography by Olga Semioshkina

Wake up, Prince, and sing, wake up and revenge… Welcome to hell in underground session style! They dream about Hamlet in the dark and chilly crypt again… It’s a deadly dream which is heavier than gravestones under ashes of epochs, a dream in which the dead are doomed to die again and again since Hamlet keeps raving about the eternal like Universe “to be or not to be”. This is a present-day tragedy of the eternal mistakes of mankind which come from vicious cravings for power, money and other temptations. All characters exist in the enclosed gloomy space unreached by the light of truth where people and rats dwell together and do not notice it when distinctions between them blur out. What is it? A gaily interpreted Shakespearean play or a funny trick, an apocalyptic prophecy or simply a nightmare?

Oleksiy Hnatkovsky (Hamlet)
Irma Vitovska-Vanza (Gertrude)
Yuriy Khvostenko (Claudius)
Dmytro Rybalevsky (Polonius)
Anastasiya Blazhchuk (Ophelia)
Ivan Blindar (Laertes)
Yevhen Kholodnyak (Fortinbras)
Halyna Barankevych, Nadiya Levchenko, Olesya Pasichniak (Three witches – Erinyes – Deities of vengeance)
Vladyslav Komunytsky, Viktor Abramyuk, Andriy Batyr, Andriy Melnyk, Mykola Slyvchuk (monks)
Roman Hryhoriv (conductor, contrabass, Ghost of Hamlet’s Father)
Illia Razumeiko (synthesizer, Yorik)
Janna Marchynskaya (cello)
Andrey Nadolskiy (percussion)
Nazar Spas (French horn)

Pythian Oratorio

Dir. Włodzimierz Staniewski, Centre for Theatre Practices GARDZIENICE (Poland)
Ivano-Frankivsk Music and Drama Theatre (42, Nezalezhnosti str), June 18, 18:00

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«Ancient Marathon of Theatre Gardzienice – Iphigenia in Aulis and Pythian Oratorio (diptych)»
Centre for Theatre Practices GARDZIENICE (Poland)
based on Euripides, Seven Wise Men from Delphi, Herodotus
Directed by Włodzimierz Staniewski
Music by Zygmunt Konieczny, Mikołaj Blajda
Adaptation of Ancient Greek music by Maciej Rychły

Time and taste change, but never does human nature. “Iphigenia in Aulis” is an ancient Greek tragedy, which sounds very contemporary today in the time of terrible ordeals. This is a tragedy of choice between basic human values such as life, family, love, and the highest values of religion and patriotism. The characters find themselves under the heavy pressure of political circumstances and are bound to submit to relentless challenges of the time and society’s claims. This is a tragedy of inevitability of human sacrifice on the altar of higher values.
«Pythian Oratorio» is based on the Seven Wise Men’s aphorisms (particularly those by Solon of Athens, Thales of Miletus, Chiton of Sparta and others) and prophecies of Pythia of Delphi: “Be Yourself. Know Thyself. Listen to everything. Perceive what you have heard. Grieve for no one.” For millennia, these carved in stone ancient Greek commandments and recorded by priests inspiring oracle’s prophecies have been regarded as pearls of worldly wisdom and sagacity of Mediterranean civilization.

This inimitable performance is a feast for one’s eyes and ears. Here the inherent dynamics and might of GARDZIENICE are combined with lyricism and daintiness. In this performance, Włodzimierz Staniewski explores syncretic form of colours, movements and sounds. Using the now famous GARDZIENICE movements and sounds the director designs the world in which we believe so much, that it is impossible to distinguish it from the reality… It is the largest phenomenon of Staniewski’s theatre – the incredible imagery and its impact on our imagination.»

Cast: Mariusz Gołaj, Marcin Mrowca, Joanna Holcgreber, Magdalena Pamuła, Anna Dąbrowska, Dorota Kołodziej, Maciej Gorczyński, Kacper Lech, Tetiana Oreshko, Karolina Skrzyńska.
Musicians: Karolina Rudaś (violin), Lyubomyr Ishchuk (drums), Rafał Granat (piano), Filip Pysz (trumpet), Kamil Gosek (bas), Szymon Kałużny (violin).

Wagner. Poleva. Hrabovsky

Symphony concert featuring National Presidential Orchestra of Ukraine and the invited soloists.
Philharmonic (3, Kurbasa str.), June 16, 16:00

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First Division:
1. Richard Wagner – Overture to the opera “The Flying Dutchman”;
2. Richard Wagner – Arius Dutch opera from “The Flying Dutchman”. Soloist: Alexander Forkushak;
3. Richard Wagner – The Seti Ballad from opera “The Flying Dutchman”. Soloist: Julia Alekseeva;
4. Richard Wagner – Senti duo and Dutch from the opera “The Flying Dutchman”. Soloists: Julia Alekseeva and Alexander Forkushak.
Second Division:
1. Viktorya Pol’ova – “Langzam” ( “Lanhzy”) for symphony orchestra;
2. Leonid Grabowski – Symphonic fresco “This is not to blame return”;
3. Conductor – winner of the National Prize of Ukraine named after T. Shevchenko, People’s Artist of Ukraine – Vasily Vasilenko.

Artistic director – chief conductor of the National Presidential Orchestra, People’s Artist of Ukraine, Professor – Anatoliy Molotay.


Taras Prokhasko, Keba Tsisoho, Vladyslav Sokha
Pototskykh Palace (5, Shpytalna str.), June 16, 20:00

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Taras Prokhasko – writer, essayist and philosopher, molfar-guardian and the guard (averter) of ancient Carpathian Mountains. Taras Prokhasko is going to meet with the singer and performer on the crust, representative of the ancient Senegalese musical dynasty Keba Tsisoho, who will bring us melodies and rhythms of West African coast of the Atlantic Ocean. He graduated from Ivan Franko Lviv National University – the Faculty of Biology (1992). He participated in the student movement of 1989-1991 years, the “revolution on granite” in Kiev 1990.
The best-known books: the novel “Complicated”, story “Anna’s Other Days”, essay “FM Galicia”, “One and the same”. Taras Prokhasko is also the author of children’s books series: “Who’ll make the snow”, “Where did the Sea disappear” and “How to understand a goat.” The most famous translations of: Andrzej Stasiuk “Galician Stories”, “East”; Stanislav Vincenz “On a High Mountain Glen”.

Vladyslav Sokha is a street musician, a percussionist, a member of the scout organization called “Plast”. He is a student of Igor Semkiv, studied percussion instruments.Graduated with Masters Degree from Institute of Arts of Carpathian National University (2017). He used to be head of the organization “Plast – National Scout Organization of Ukraine” in Ivano-Frankivsk (2015-2017).

Keba Tsisoho – is the performer on the crust and the singer, the representative (bearer) of Senegalese ancient tradition. He is from the old musical family. His father was acknowledged (declared) as “The King of Crust” (a traditional musical instrument). Keba lives in Vienna.

Poesophonia. Night

Anne Bennent, George Potopalsky, Diana Lototska, Yuri Izdryk, Alireza Toghiyani, Damian Keller, NOVA OPERA
Drama theater foyer (Nezalezhnosti street, 31) June 16, 23:59

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– the audience will be placed on mattresses and will be provided with tea and coffee during the breaks;
– mobile phones and other electronic devices should be put into the storage chamber at the entrance;
– photography, video , audio recording and media access to the event is prohibited;
– if the volunteers or the guard notice anyone using electronic devices in the room, those people will be forced to leave the performance;
– the listeners who will go back to the wardrobe in order to check their mobile phones during the performance will be forced to leave the theater.

ACT I. Palimpsest
Anne Bennent accompanied by NOVA OPERA Ensemble (Roman Hryhoriw, Ilya Razumeyko, Zhanna Marchinska, Andrew Nadolskyy). The poetry of Arthur Rimbaud, Samuel Beckett, Wolfgang Bauer, Robert Walse in French, English, German.
ACT II. Konezerte-Konzepte
Mysterious voice of Yuri Izdryk, the legend of Ukrainian poetry scene, accompanied by a contrabassist and performer Alireza Toghiyani((Iran-Austria) and accordionist Damian Keller (Austria).
ACT III. Singapore
Cyclic digital noise generators, crackling transmit mystical atmosphere of an imaginary city Singapore, which combines manmade structure sound information in the world with an emphasis on phonetic features live voices and their shadows. Textures penetrate each other to form a complex space of the city. The poetry of Mykhail Semenko, Nika Turbina. Artists: Architect – ujif_notfound, resident – Diana Lototska, shadow – Kata Okneson.

ujif_notfound [UN2114] (Heorhii Potopalskyi) – generates audio and visual streams in real time during “live” performances.
Diana Lototska – singer, pianist, actor.
Izdryk (Yurko, Yurii, Yur) – writer, musician, activist, enthusiast of multi genre and polystylistic self-presentation, sociopath.
Damian Keller (Austria) – accordionist. He studied at the State Conservatory of Voralberg in the class of Professor Goran Kovacic. Since 2015 he has been studying at the Conservatory in Vienna, in the class of Professor Gregor Stop. The winner of many competitions regularly performs solo, accompanied by a symphonic brass band and as part of various ensembles.
Anne Bennent – an actress, participated in the shooting of numerous films, she also worked with the legendary director Michael Haneke. Ann is in a constant search in the field of musical and melodramatic projects in collaboration with various musicians, she has a lot performances from Paris to Tokyo, from Vienna to Zanzibar. Her repertoire include – French chanson, Oneggera and Stravinsky, she easily combines it with various languages, poetry, dance and performative practices.
Instrumentalists of the formation “Nova Opera” – founders of the Festival PORTO FRANKO – composer and pianist Ilya Razumeyko, composer and bassist Roman Gregory, cellist Jeanne Marczyński and drummer Andrew Nadolskyy – are the basis for instrumental ensemble of “Nova Opera” team, together they participated in the creation of such operas as “IYOV”, “BABYLON”, “nerpOsti” (“difficult”), which were presented at Gogolfest in 2015-2016 and at various festivals in Ukraine, Poland, of Denmark, Austria and Macedonia. As part of the night poesophonia, the ensemble of “Nova Opera” will become a multi-instrumental orchestra, that will combine performative poetry with polystylistic music play and stochastic movement of artists between audio points.

…waiting for John Cage…

John Cage Sonatas and interludes for prepared piano
Waiting room of the railway station (1, Pryvokzalna Str.), June 17, 22:00

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Antonii Baryshevskyi was born in Kiev, Ukraine in 1988, he started playing piano at the age of seven. After finishing course at Lysenko Special Secondary Music School in Kiev, he entered National Music Academy of Ukraine . Where made Master and Phd with Prof. Valerii Kozlov. Also he had graduated by Diplome Superieur de Concertiste at Ecole Normale de musique de Paris, where he studied with Prof. Marian Rybicki. Participated in the Master Classes with Profs. Daniel Pollack, Lily Dorfman, Alfred Brendel, B. Bloch and many others. Antonii is a soloist of National Philharmonic of Ukraine from 2012 till nowadays. He performs as a soloist and also as a chamber player in the duo with violinist Vera Symchych. Laureate of the Ukrainian program “A Man of the Year 2005″ at the age of 16. A year later participated at the 2006 Euro Radio Youth Concert in Munich, Germany.

Prize-winner of many international piano competitions. Among those prizes are:
– First prize, Prize for best performance of Israeli piece at the 14thA.Rubinstein International Piano Master Competition (Tel Aviv, Israel, 2014)
– Second prize and Special Prizes at the VI International Piano Competition “In Memory of V. Horovitz” (Kiev, Ukraine, 2005);

Antonii performed in the concert halls of UK, France, Italy, Poland, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Iceland, Russia, Denmark, Luxembourg, Serbia, Japan, S.Korea and USA. Played with some of the leading European orchestras, including Munich Radio Orchestra, The Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra,The Philharmonic Orchestra of Ukraine, the Gubernator`s Orchestra of St.-Petersburg, Heidelberg Philharmonic Orchestra, Ciudad de Granada Orchestra, under the baton of maestros A. Fisch, F. Chaplin,V. Kahidze, D.Bostock, G.Albreht, G.Kostin, V.Sirenko, M.Dyadyura, S.Gorkovenko, and many others.
CD “Antonii Baryshevskyi: Piano Recital” has been released by the Naxos recording label, another CD “Moussorgskyi &Scriabin“ has been released by CAvi-music.

But a day is not changed by day

Performance: Alexey Shmurak and Oleg Shpudeiko
Ivano-Frankivsk Drama Theatre lobby (41, Nezalezhnosti Str.), June 17, 23.00

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At the turn of two days a spatial performance of the Kyiv electroacoustic duet will take place in the multilevel lobby of Drama Theatre. It will be built as the deconstruction or even reconstruction of the song genre. Using acoustic and electronic instruments, moving between balconies and stairs, musicians will be migrating among countries, from the usual rock groove to complex sonoristic meditation, from pity to irony. Performers: Alexey Shmurak ( voice, melodics, kalimba, percussion instrument), Oleg Shpudeiko (computer, modular synthesizer).

Oleg Shpudeiko (Heinali)
Heinali is a stage name of the composer and performer Oleg Shpudenko, who mainly works in the electroacoustic sphere. He began conducting his first stylistic eclectic experiments with sound in 2003. Uses different methods of audio processing combining them with the improvisation as a method and deepening in the phenomenology of sound and liminality. Artist’s commercial works often combine piano and electronics. In 2009 he wrote music for installations and performances as a member of the art group Soloma. In 2010 began a long-term collaboration with an American poet Matt Finney. The project combines Heinali music and Matt spoken word performance. Heinali and Matt Finney recorded and released several albums on Paradigms. The new album How We Lived will be released on Flesner in 2017.
In 2013 he creates together with composer and performer Alexis Shmurak an electroacoustic duet Blook, practicing live performances based on the theme of interdisciplinarity and new forms of interaction. The duet implemented a number of projects together with artists, VJs, musicians and poets. In 2015 curated a short series of electroacoustic improvisations in Kyiv. In 2016 wrote music for a videogame Bound by Plastic and Sony Santa Monica, and choreography A Thread by Jean Abreu Dance.
Heinali works were released on Sony Interactive Entertainment, Fluttery, NEN, Paradigms and other labels. Anthem’s latest album was released in 2017, the year on Injazero Records.

Alexey Shmurak
Was born in 1986 in Leningrad, now lives in Kyiv. Graduated from the Kiev Conservatory, Yuri Ishchenko composition class. Before that, he studied composition under Alla Zagaykevych.
In 2006-2007 co-founder, co-organizer and pianist at Ensemble Nostri Temporis (ENT), which was the leader of Ukrainian chamber stage of new music. As a member of ENT he conducted a number of multimedia projects in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Poland and Germany.
In 2013 created together with Oleg Shpudeiko an electroacoustic duet Blook.
In 2014 held together with a composer and cellist Zoltan Almashi a festival of contemporary and classical music “Gulf Stream”.
In 2012-2015 held a series of solo piano concerts exploring contemporary performing techniques. Concerts took place in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia (including the Mariinsky Theater in St. Petersburg).
Since 2013 has been giving concerts as a singer, keyboardist and composer.
Since 2014 has been working with a musical agency Ukho. Since 2016 constant participant and the author of ideas at a cultural space Plivka, mainly in collaboration with curator Dmitry Kazakov.
Alexey’s music sounds at many festivals, including Gaudeamus Musikweek (Utrecht, Netherlands, 2013) and the International Summer Courses for New Music (Darmstadt, 2010 and 2016). Since 2010 cooperates with the Goethe-Institut (about 15 projects). A participant of Berlin’s Deutsche Opera Theater workshop and Parkaue workshop dedicated to creating operas for children (2016).
Since 2015, together with the Russian choreographer Alexander Lyubashynym works on a series of international laboratories researching of interdisciplinarity “Intersection of Parallel”.
He created music to numerous orders of Polish, Austrian and Russian institutions. The music was released on labels Fancy music (2012) and Requiem records (2016).
Gave lectures in Lviv (art-space Dzyga), Kyiv ( art-space ‘Xarms’ and ‘Cultural Project’), Moscow (Higher School of Economics).
A participant and co-founder of the Frank Opera Fest 2010, participant of the festivals Porto Franko 2010 and Porto Franko GogolFest 2016 in Ivan0-Frankivsk.

Musical sculptures Hans van Koolwijk

Bambuso Sonoro, The Bells, Glissando
Art Museum (8, Sheptytskoho str.), June 16-18, 10:00-17:00

Details Tickets are available at the Prycarpattya Art Museum

During the festival days three unique sound sculptures by Dutch musician and creator Hans van Koolwijk will be exhibited at former Church of Saint Mary the Virgin.

“Bambuso sonoro” (1991) is a unique bamboo organ and one of his central artworks which combines extraordinary meditative sound with unusual look of the musical instrument.

“The Bells” is the ringing of the bells which sounds as if in hollow space. The organ in the Church was destroyed after World War II as well as the bell tower of the same Church(renewed by now) was destroyed by Soviet government. So both the installations, the organ and the bells, will function at the festival as revived sacred and performatory symbol.

“Glissando” (2006) is a mobile sound machine which was a success at different festivals in Netherlands and Poland.

Hans van Koolwijk (born in 1952) is a Dutch sound artist, a performer and a designer of musical instruments. Since 1987 he works hard on designing unique sound sculptures, musical instruments and installations which he exhibits at festivals and modern art museums like those in London and Lublin, Lithuania and Lisbon. A book called “As a Matter of Sound” is regarded to be his manifesto. His unordinary sound sculptures “Klankkaatser”, “Oerkaatser”, “Oer-Oorsprong” were exhibited at a number of Museums of Contemporary Art in Netherlands where they gained much attention from public and critics.


Futuristic Liturgy, which combines several world religions and cultural practices.
Art Museum (8, Sheptytskoho str.), June 18, 12:00

Details Tickets are available at the Prycarpattya Art Museum

Futuristic Liturgy, which combines several world religions and cultural practices:
– sounds of the futuristic organ Bambuso sonoro
– Muslim tunes and sounds of bark by the Senegalese musician Keba Tsissokho
– Buddhist motifs performed by Chinese musicians on hudzheni and pipi
– sacred music of Orthodox Church choir

Oleksandra Mailliet (Oleksandra Yasmin-Turyanska) – a Ukrainian singer (mezzo-soprano, contralto) and an ethnomusicologist, who lives in France. As a soloist, she participated in numerous multidisciplinary and experimental projects and as an actress of musical theater, too (in «SONG TREE» in New York, USA, with «Yara» group of the theater La Mama and with «Gogol Bordello», or a several years long contract with Compagnie des Mers du Nord for the play «HAIR MUNDO FREI, Messe pour un Temps Futur»). As a soloist, she took part in performing the 2nd Symphony of Mahler, Mozart’s Requiem, Vivaldi’s oratorio works, and also those of Pergolesi, Verdi and Beethoven. In 2015, at Gogolfest, Oleksandra participated in requiem ” IYOV “, within Nova Opera project, which has been repeatedly shown at various stages of Ukraine and Europe. Performance of the singer “Salve Regina.Veriditas” as part of MISSA SOLEMNIS is both a personal piece of contemporary large-scale project called “The girl who catches the wind and walks on water. ”

Zhanna Marchynska – cello, soloist of the New Opera ensemble, participated in the creating opera performances called “IYOV” requiem opera, of circus opera “Babylon” sonOpera “Inexcusable”, horror opera “Hamlet.” Participated as a soloist in various ensembles, performed at New Music, jazz and rock bands.

Chen Mengyao – young Artist and performer of an instrument called Pipa. She has various playing techniques, performs traditional and contemporary music, popularizing this instrument of the Chinese people in various countries. She repeatedly participated in various radio and television projects, and has a uniquely emotional, both free and authentic style of playing.

“Cantemus” camera choir of King Christ Church of Father Vasilian Monastery under Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church of Ivano-Frankivsk was created in 2000. It was founded by artistic director and regent Igor Demyanets. The main activity of the group – the Christmas and Sunday worship in the church of the monastery. Choir performs music by M. Berezovsky, D. Bortniansky, A. Vedel O. Kosice, K. Stetsenko, M. Leontovich, J. Sichynskyi A. Gnatishin, A. Archangel.

Familia Perkalaba

The square near Ivano-Frankivsk Music and Drama Theatre (40, 42, Nezalezhnosti str), June 16, 19:00

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Perkalaba is a Ukrainian band from Ivano-Frankivsk. Not long ago the band celebrated 16 year anniversary, changed lineup and their name to Familia Perkalaba. Eight musicians create music in a style that musicians call urban-roots, but you can hardly fit all colorful musical trends and styles of Familia Perkalaba into one definition.  The music has deep Hutsul roots, combining elements of Balkan-beat, French hip-hop, roots-reggae, Argentine tango, Bolivian ska.

Kozak System

The square near Ivano-Frankivsk Music and Drama Theatre (40, 42, Nezalezhnosti str), June 16, 20:30

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Kozak System is a “Kozak-Rock” style show. It is a synthesis of Ukrainian and Balkan music, along with rock and ska, which present an energy of lyrics and an explosion of every instrument. A Kozak System concert is an instantaneous dialogue with the audience, incredible dancing, intoxicating solos and stage scenes that cannot be replicated.

Braty Hadiukiny

The square near Ivano-Frankivsk Music and Drama Theatre (40, 42, Nezalezhnosti str), June 16, 22:00

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Braty Hadiukiny is a Ukrainian rock band from Lviv, that was formed in 1988 and became the foundation for the development of Ukrainian rock music. The band have released 5 studio albums, 4 live albums, 2 greatest hits compilations and played numerus live shows in Ukraine, Russia, Europe and Canada. The band’s musical style combines different genres such as rock’n’roll, blues, punk, reggae, funk and folk. Ironic song lyrics contain a lot of local vernacularisms, slang and surzhyk.

Tik Tu

The square near Ivano-Frankivsk Music and Drama Theatre (40, 42, Nezalezhnosti str), June 17, 18:00

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Tik Tu is a trio from Ternopil that brings an eclectic mix of electronic and live sound, using samplers, loops and drums. It’s a symbiosis of synthpop, indie-pop and electronic music, with lyrics in English, Ukrainian and Lithuanian. The band is recording their music in an abandoned village, far from the city noise. Today band makes a lot of gigs in Ukraine, Poland, Moldavia, and works with an American label Moon Sound Records.

The Hypnotunez

The square near Ivano-Frankivsk Music and Drama Theatre (40, 42, Nezalezhnosti str), June 17, 19:00

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The Hypnotunez  – Ukrainian music band that plays wild, hard boiled jazz, swing, punk-rock, combining these and other musical styles in its own style called shout-swing. Also the band called their style of music “jazz-punk” and “swingcore”.

Boom Pam

The square near Ivano-Frankivsk Music and Drama Theatre (40, 42, Nezalezhnosti str), June 17, 20:30

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Boom Pam is a rock band from Tel Aviv, Israel that plays a mixture of Mediterranean, Balkan, Greek rock and surf music in a format of a quartet consisting of electric guitar, tuba, keyboard and drums. These are songs of the multicultural city, free from conservatism and monochrome.
With the support of the Embassy of Israel in Ukraine.


The square near Ivano-Frankivsk Music and Drama Theatre (40, 42, Nezalezhnosti str), June 17, 22:00

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Boombox is a Ukrainian hip-hop and funky groove band formed in 2004 by singer Andriy Khlyvnyuk and Andriy “Fly” Samoylo on guitar. Their songs are predominantly in Ukrainian, but songs in Russian and English also appear in their albums and singles.


The square near Ivano-Frankivsk Music and Drama Theatre (40, 42, Nezalezhnosti str), June 18, 19:00

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Cepasa is the Ukrainian electronic music producer and vocalist creating deep electronic music as well as club oriented tracks. His charismatic vocal and distinctive sound leads him to be named one of the top Ukrainian producers. His music is clearly taking benefits from advancements in music technology, especially electronic musical instruments, synthesizers, music sequencers and drum machines. Cepasa’s music is already known far from Ukraine’s borders.


The square near Ivano-Frankivsk Music and Drama Theatre (40, 42, Nezalezhnosti str), June 18, 20:30

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The Erised is a Ukrainian six-piece,The Erised, unveil their first EP in 2015, via forward-thinking, South London based label Med School. Label also works with London Elektricity, High Contrast, Netsky, Camo & Krooked and many more. The band creates elegant electronic timbres led by frontwoman Sonya Sukorukova.


The square near Ivano-Frankivsk Music and Drama Theatre (40, 42, Nezalezhnosti str), June 18, 22:00

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Subcarpați is a Romanian hip-hop band from Bucharest. Formed in 2010, the band blends hip-hop with elements from Romanian folk music. The genre seeks to reinterpret popular motifs specific to Romanian’s folk music, and is often referred to as “underground folklore”.

Jim Morrison. “An American Prayer”. Musical-Poetic Presentation

Potocki Palace (5, Shpytalna Str.), June 17, 18:00

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The first musical-poetic presentation of the first licensed complete works of the legendary Jim Morrison in Ukrainian, the book “An American Prayer” from the Ivano-Frankivsk publishing house “Drunken Boat Publishers”, will be held within the Porto Franko festival on the tropical stage of the Potocki Palace on June 17, 2017 at 6 p.m. Jim Morrison preferred to consider himself primarly a poet, but he is known mostly as a musician. We will show both his dimensions. Reading poetry will smoothly flow into The Doors covers played by the iconic Familia Perkalaba, that for many years has been a musical visiting card of the city, and the supergroup The Lizard Kings, composed of musicians of famous Ivano-Frankivsk groups (Anatolii Blednykh, Stanislav Bodnaruk, Andrii Mykhailov, Oleksii Yarosh). And Kiril Kirillov’s graphic works that illustrate the book will be exhibited in the Palace.
Jim Morrison is a visionary and mystic poet. Obsessed, intoxicated with poetry, music, theatre and cinema, a preacher of ancient myths, spells and that side of reality which is hidden from view. Poet who raves. Poet who fears. Poet who suffers from supersaturation and exhaustion. Poet who decomposes the world into many small parts and composes his own reality out of them. Morrison’s poetry, having a powerful intellectual background, is naive and ingenuous like a child uncontaminated with mind, like consciousness of primitive people driven solely by instincts, disheveled, wild and mad, thoughtful, cold-blooded and calm, fresh and suffocating. It is true poetry. The one which does not state anything. The one which just points at the possibilities. Opens all the doors. This evening in the yard of the Potocki Palace you can enter the ones you like. And the music will show you the way and will not allow to get lost.

Dmytryy Bohomazov

Lumiere Cinema – Veranda, (3, Hrushevskoho), June 15, 13:00

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Dmytryy Bohomazov – Ukrainian theatrical stage-director, drama teacher, member of the National union of theatrical figures of Ukraine, Honored Worker of Ukraine Culture.

National Prize of Ukraine named after T. Shevchenko in 2013 – for the play “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare, Ukrainian Music and Drama Theater named after V. Vasylko; “Guests will come at midnight” A.Miller, Kyiv’s National Academic Theater of Drama and Comedy on the Left Bank of Dnipro and “Pied Piper” O. Green, Kyiv’s Theater “Free Stage”.
He worked in the Drama and Comedy Theater on The Left Bank, in 2001 founded the theater “Free Stage”, which in 2011 merged with Theater on the Left Bank.

Put more than 30 stage productions in Ukraine, Russia, Poland, France, that include “A Little Wine, or 70 Revolutions” by L. Pirandello, “Deceived” by Thomas Mann, “Philoctetes Concert” by Sophocles, “Morphine” by Mikhail Bulgakov, “Roberto Zucco” by B.-M. Koltes, “Hamlet,” “Othello,” “Midsummer Night’s Dream” by William Shakespeare, “Woyzeck” by G. Buchner and others.

Pavlo Hudimov

Lumiere Cinema – Veranda, (3, Hrushevskoho), June 15, 15:00

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Pavlo Hudimov – Ukrainian art-manager, art collector, musician. He is a landscape architect by profession, graduated from Lviv Forestry Institute. Since 1991 he is actively engaged in music. He is a curator and exhibition organizer of Ukrainian artists. In 2007 Pavlo Gudimov opened Ya Gallery Art Center, his main goal is consistent support, development and promotion of modern art. The activity of Ya Gallery is not limited to exhibitions organization, the Art Center conducts lectures and master classes, round tables and discussions, initiates museum projects, arranges exhibitions of Ukrainian artists outside the country, compiles library.

Nataliya Polovynka

Lumiere Cinema – Veranda, (3, Hrushevskoho), June 16, 13:00

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Nataliya Polovynka – Ukrainian singer (soprano), actress and teacher. Winner of the National Prize of Ukraine named after Taras Shevchenko.
She graduated from Lviv National Conservatoire named after Lysenko (class of Professor M.Tarnavetskoy) (1989), was an intern at the Center E.Hrotovskoho (Pontedera, Italy) (1991).
The actress and musical director of theater named after Les Kurbas, artistic director of “Song Factory”, soloist and teacher of the National Choir of boys and young men “Dudaryk.”
Received National Prize named after T.Shevchenko for performing roles in productions of the works of Gregory Pans, Plato and Vasyl Stus (2006). 36 MMKF: Prize “Silver George” for the best female role (Brothers. The Final Confession) (2014).

Volodymyr Yeshkiliiev

Lumiere Cinema – Veranda, (3, Hrushevskoho), June 16, 14:00

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Volodymyr Yeshkiliiev – member of the Association of Ukrainian Writers, Ukrainian writer, poet, essayist, ideologist of “Stanislav’s phenomenon”.
An author of a novel “Adherent”, that was written in co-authorship with Oleh Hutsulyak, books of prose “The Byzantium photo”, one of the authors of a project cassette “Tetrarchy” and shared with Andrii Pustoharov collections of poetries “Diptych”, “Votstsekurhiya Bet” literature essay, that was published in the book of “Wozzeck & Votstsekurhiya” by Izdryk, the textbook “History of religion”, series of short stories, philosophical essays and poems, many dictionaries slogans in hlosariynomu project “Thursday”, compiled hlosariynoho corp ” Small Ukrainian encyclopedia of relevant literature”, consultant of “Southern accent “and other projects.

Vladyslav Troitskyi

Lumiere Cinema – Veranda, (3, Hrushevskoho), June 17, 16:00

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Vladyslav Troitskyi  – theatrical director, producer. Graduated from radio-mechanical faculty of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute; finished a director’s and actor’s course in Russian Academy of Theatre Arts; in 1994 founded the center of the modern art “Dakh”; in 2001 and 2002 became the laureate of the award «Kyiv Pektoral»; in 2005 his performances “Hamlet” and «Chongar and Tyunga» were in top ten performances in Hungary; from 2004 to 2009 taught at Karpenko-Kary National University of Theatre, Film and TV. In 2004 created ethno-house band DakhaBrakha. In 2007 founder of international festival of the modern art “GogolFest”.

Anton Ovchinnikov

Lumiere Cinema – Veranda, (3, Hrushevskoho), June 17, 14:00

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Anton Ovchinnikov – choreographer, performer, founder and director of the International Festival of Contemporary dance theater «Zelyonka Fest». Lecturer of modern choreography in KNUKiM (2006-2016) and lecturer of Polish Contemporary Dance Platform in Lublin (2012, 2014).
Founder of festival of modern dance “The point of intersection” (Kyiv – Kharkiv – Kherson), ARTEL project aimed at supporting young choreographers of modern dance and help to create works for the professional scene of the Association of “Platform of Contemporary Dance” choreographer “M.O.S.T. dance project », and co-founder and artistic director of the school of modern dance« Black O! Range Dance Studio ». In 2015 he was a member of the jury in international Theater Award «Total Theatre Award» during the festival FRINGE (Edinburgh, Great Britain).

Włodzimierz Staniewski

Lumiere Cinema – Veranda, (3, Hrushevskoho), June 18, 13:00

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Włodzimierz Staniewski – Polish director, founder and director of the Centre for Theatre Practices Gardzienice, author of international programmes, actor training, essays, and plays.
Centre for Theatre Practices Gardzienice (Ośrodek Praktyk Teatralnych «Gardzienice») – Polish theater group that emerged in 1977 on the initiative of Włodzimierz Staniewski.
Originally, the idea was to find a new theater, natural creative environment away from the city, searching and finding a new destination, which would, along with actors to participate in performances and its co-create.Natural sources of inspiration for ” Gardzienice was the traditional folk culture. The collective has received international recognition, critics attribute it to the anthropological type of experimental theater.

Oleksii Shmurak

Lumiere Cinema – Veranda, (3, Hrushevskoho), June 18, 14:00

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Oleksii Shmurak – he graduated from the Kyiv Conservatory, Yuri Ishchenko’s composition class. Before that, he studied composition with Alla Zagaykevych. In 2006-2017 – co-founder, co-organizer and pianist of Ensemble Nostri Temporis (ENT), the leader of Ukrainian new chamber stage music. As a member of ENT held a number of media projects in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Poland and Germany.
In 2013 together with artist Oleg Shpudeyko creates electro duo “Bluk.”In 2014-2014 created together with composer and cellist Zoltan Almashi festival of contemporary and classical music “Gulf Stream”.
Since 2014 works with a musical agency “Ukho”. From 2016 regulary participanting at art space “Plivka”, mainly in collaboration with curator Dmitry Kazakov. He created music for Polish, Austrian and Russian institutions.

Vitoshkin Yevheniy

Lumiere Cinema – Veranda, (3, Hrushevskoho), June 18, 15:00

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Vitoshkin Yevheniy – museum manager, head of the Kyiv National Art Gallery, art expert, art valuer, curator of cultural projects of the Institute of Strategic Studies named after Golda Meir.