Aerograd (USSR, 1935, 78′). DIRECTED BY Oleksandr Dovzhenko

Screenplay by Oleksandr Dovzhenko

Directed by Oleksandr Dovzhenko

Cinematography by Eduard Tisse, Mikhail Gindin, Nilolay Smirnov

Production designer by Aleksey Utkin, Victor Panteleyev

Original music by Dmitriy Kabalevskiy

The onset of the 1930’s. The USSR experiences the high point of the Socialist building. It is planned to lay the foundation of a defence outpost in the Far East to protect eastern boundaries of the state.

Stepan Hlushak, a hunter and a former guerrilla warrior, accidentally spots in taiga the prints of the Manchukuo saboteurs. Meanwhile, in a far vallage a plot is being hatched. The rich man Shabanov attempts to incite Old Believers to revolt againts the Bolsheviks, which came to build in the Taiga a new city – AEROGRAD. Hlushak summons former guerrillas. The conspiracy is prevented. Hlushak personally executes his ex-friend, now a traitor, Khudyakov… Planes soar over the Taiga, they carry builders of the future city Aerograd.

Cast: Stepan Shagaida, Sergei Stolyarov, Yevgeniya Melnikova, Stepan Shkurat, Nikon Tabunasov, Boris Dobronravov, Yelena Maksimova, Vladimir Uralsky, Ekaterina Korchagina-Aleksandrovskaya.

The Film will be screening with the partnership of the Oleksandr Dovzhenko National Center (Dovzhenko Center).