Concerts, music festivals, music industry as a whole – who and what makes it possible for this culture sector to develop in Ukraine and its regions? Which cities manage to lead extensive culture and music life? Who consistently succeeds in delivering high-quality music to their audience? And what is meant by ‘quality’ in music industry: what kind of quality is in demand and what kind of quality is to be produced? How to create a sustainable long-term event? Who is ready to pay in music business and what for? What is the price for decent sound and high-quality supply in a regular Ukrainian city and who in fact pays for it? What are the rules of the game for concert organizers, musicians and audience? What should these rules be for a developed music industry and what are they now? All of these questions will be answered by Andriy Zoyin as part of PORTO FRANKO 2018 Education Program.

Andriy Zoyin is a General Manager of Respublica FEST, coordinates several simultaneous music art and social projects, is a curator of such local municipal festivals as Rock&Buh rock festival in Khmelnitsky and Mufest, a founder of two republics – Respublica Family Fest in Khmelnitsky (held in September) and Kamyanets-Podilsky (held in June). Andriy initiates plein-air painting sessions and art interventions into rural areas, gathering artists for communication and cooperation. He worked as a musician in such bands as “Motorolla” and “G.D.R.”, in a management team of Chervona Ruta festival, as a resident and art manager in such clubs as “Matador”, ”OUI” and ”Sofa club” in Madrid.

Respublica Fest is one of the biggest music and street-art festivals in Ukraine, which hosts around 10 000 visitors annually.

The conversation with Andriy Zoyin is part of Education Program of International festival of performing, visual and media arts PORTO FRANKO-2018 – “Culture in the air: sustainability of culture and art initiatives”.

Curator – NGO “Insha Osvita”.