VAGONOVOZHATYYE is a Ukrainian band, which combines electronic component with drive of live concerts. The members of the band are well-known and experienced musicians who do not capitalize on their former achievements, instead, they have started everything from scratch. Anton Slepakov and Valentyn Panyuta created the band in 2013. Stanislav Ivaschenko joined them one year later. In 2013, the musicians released two albums “To Flock” and “No Trams”.

Since 2014, they have taken part in such Ukrainian festivals as Koktebel Jazz Festival (2014, 2017), Гогольfest (2014), Atlas Weekend (2015, 2016), Respublica (2015, 2016), Z-Games (2015), Hedonism (2017), Brave Factory (2017).

VAGONOVOZHATYYE have been in line-ups of European festivals in Finland (Helsinki, Ääniwalli Tusovka Rock Fest 2015), Poland (Ukraińska Wiosna 2015, XVI Trialog, Krynki 2015, Poznan, KontenerART, Mirum Fest-2016, Grodek, Poland, Basowiszcza Festival-2017) and Belarus (Green Meadow).