The fifth collection of Ukrainian short films “Ukrainian New Wave” released by the National Oleksandr Dovzhenko Centre will open The Nights of Short Films at International Festival of Modern Performing, Visual and Media Arts PORTO FRANKO 2018.

The Ukrainian New Wave is a project which features the best short films by Ukrainian first-time film directors of the year. Since 2012, when it was founded by the National Oleksandr Dovzhenko Centre, it has featured in Ukrainian film distribution the best first-time works by young Ukrainian film directors that have been nominated and awarded at national and international film festivals.

Films featured at Ukrainian New Wave this year:

Heron, 11’

Director and Script Writer – Maria Ponomaryova
Cameraman – Oleksiy Kuchma
Cast – Natalia Zahasheva, Andriy Buchko
Producer – Olha Reiter
Music by Natalia Avramenko

Jogging across the park requires proper breathing. The ways of two joggers cross and the synchronized breathing-in becomes something more than just breathing. So, when simple jogging turns into a race, the main thing is not to get out of breath.

  • Best Fiction Film of “Open Night. Take 20” Film Festival
  • Best Cinematography Award at “Open Night. Take 20” Film Festival
  • Award from Ukrainian National Association of Cinematographers, GogolFest/Golden CUC.

Ma, 17’

Film Director and Script Writer – Maria Stoyanova
Cast – Zinayida Obukhivska, Zoya Laktionova
Producer – Nadiya Parfan
Edited by Dmytro Nesterov, Maria Stoyanova
Sound by Bohdan Barakovskykh

A mother feeds little birds from the window of a high-rise apartment building in Skhidny residential estate and grows quinces in her summer house garden near the Sartana town. While sharing stories of her simple life, the woman films short videos for her daughter who is dwelling in Kyiv and is hard to get reached by phone. To make the communication last she nourishes her adult child with fairy-tales and mushrooms.

  • Nomination in Short Joy Program at International Documentary Film Festival in Jihlava (Czech Republic)
  • The Grand-Prix of the 4th Festival “86” MyStreetFilms-Frontier
  • Audience Choice Award at the 4th Festival “86” MyStreetFilms-Frontier
  • Best Non-fiction Film at “Golden CUC 2017”
  • Special Award from the jury of Kyiv International Film Festival “Youth”

Eluvium – Regenerative Being, 7’

Director and Script Writer – Stas Santimov
Music by Matthew Cooper
Genre: music video

A lonely man finds himself in a strange hotel, where everything has been arranged for his arrival.

  • The Grand-Prix of National Program of the International Animated Film Festival “Step-2017: at the Native Harbor”
  • Second Prize at the Animation Festival “Through the Looking Glass” (nomination “Professional Animation”)
  • Best Film in National Competition, Linoleum International Contemporary Animation and Media Art Festival 2017
  • Nomination for the National Film Award “Golden Dzyha 2018”

Dina, 8’

Director and Script Writer – Myroslava Klochko
Cameraman – Matiey Pinios
Sound by Anna Yesenska
Cast – Karolina Shlesinherova, Yan Kokoshka

Dina is a girl that is living in her make-believe world where she shares her worries with an invisible friend Birdman who entertains her by playing the accordion. But she is in love with a not fictitious next-door boy who is celebrating his birthday this very day. Dina seems to be primed for determined action.

  • Best Film at the National Contest “Golden CUC 2017” (by the National Oleksandr Dovzhenko Centre)

 Fingerman, 6’

Director – Ivan Shokha
Cameraman – Ruslan Bieloziorov

When we were small and trees were tall, we used to plunge into our childhood worlds of make-believe. So, let’s get back to those good old times when red-hot lava would flow between furniture pieces in our flat and we were superheroes!

  • Best Animated Film of “Open Night. Take 20” Film Festival
  • Special Award from the Artistic Management of “Open Night. Take 20” Film Festival
  • Special Award at Kisakes Film Festival in Istanbul

Graduates 97, 19’

Director and Script Writer – Pavlo Ostrikov
Cameraman – Kyrylo Shlyamin
Cast – Oleksandr Pozharsky, Olesia Ostrovska
Producer – Yuri Minzianov
Music by Gzhegozhevsky brothers
Genre – drama

The plot unfolds around a weird lonely man – Roman – who fixes TV sets and sells antennas at a market place. Once, he encounters his classmate. He has not seen her for more than 20 years and is trying not to lose touch with her again.

  • Junior Jury Awards at International Film Festival in Locarno, Switzerland
  • European Film Academy nomination at Short Film Festival in Leven, Belgium
  • Best Short Film at Odesa International Film Festival
  • The Grand-Prix “Golden Scythian Deer”, Kyiv International Film Festival “Youth:Prologue”


Director – Nikita Skomorokhov
Script Writers – Nikita Skomorokhov, Sasha Petrochenko
Cameraman – Sasha Petrochenko
Producers – Nikita Skomorokhov, Sasha Petrochenko
Music by Dima Kelly
Cast – Volodymyr Kozhukhov
Genre – black comedy

A weird scientist “Electroman” dares to conduct an experiment which will drastically change his life.

  • Winner of National Contest uFilmFest-2016, Ukraine
  • Participant of Short Film Corner Festival de Cannes 2016, France
  • Best Professional Non-commercial Film, the 12th International Amateur Film Festival “KINOKIMERIA-2017”, Ukraine
  • Best Design Award, “Open Night. Take 20” Film Festival
  • Best Cinematography Award, “Open Night. Take 20” Film Festival

The Invisible She, 17’

Director and Script Writer – Maksym Nakonechny
Cameraman –Khrystyna Lyzohub
Stage design – Maria Khomiakova
Producer – Olena Yakovitska
Music by Anton Dehtiariov
Cast – Dariya Melnyk
Genre – drama

This is a story of a young teacher in a village school. A flagrant and shameful accident that happens to her during a lesson in front of the whole class makes her dive deep into the depth of her traumatized personality. Will she ever manage to take control of it?

  • Nomination for National Film Award “Golden Dzyha 2018”