Short night with CUC – Contemporary Ukrainian Cinema

NGO “Contemporary Ukrainian Cinema” – a team of Ukrainian young filmmakers and media people – at POTRO FRANKO 2018. CUC represents the only platform that promotes and supports young Ukrainian filmmakers for them to have a chance to express themselves.

The film program:
Part I



Zhanna Ozirna

Ukraine / 2017,  21′

A young girl is looking for a change. But the old winter city can offer only the divine.



Marysia Nikityuk

Ukraine / 2016, 21′

While Tamara, the 40-year-old woman artist, who is going through an existential crisis, tries to discover whether she has got rabies from a dog, that bit her on the street, the other woman comes to her house – the young mistress of her husband.



Valeria Sochyvets

Ukraine / 2016, 13`

Young cello player Nastya is besotted with Yura and wants him to be her “first one”. But this can be too much for some men, so Nastya has to think carefully about her strategy…



Maxim Nakonechnyi

Ukraine / 2017, 17’

A story of young teacher from a village school. Confusing and shameful incident, happening to her in the middle of her lesson in front of the whole class, makes her focus on the inner world and dive into her distressed personality. If so, can she deal with that?



Katya Pavlenko

Ukraine / 2017, 4′

Stairs effect is when you cannot find the right words, and then the clever answer occurs to you somewhere down the stairs. The answer has hit Oleh too hard. Or maybe it was the Cupid’s arrow…

Part II


Pavlo Ostrikov

Ukraine / 2017, 19′

TV technician Roman lives a lonely life in a provincial town. For the first time since graduation, his ex-classmate Liuda, comes back to town. Nobody heard anything about her, for more than 20 years, and now Roman is trying hard not to lose her again.


Philip Sotnychenko

Ukraine / 2017, 29`

Sometimes the most important events pass unnoticed. The movie follows the events that take place during the break in a supermarket. In the course of this technical break, the cashier who hides her pregnancy manages to steal items from the supermarket, sell them at the bazar and lose hope for a happy motherhood before returning to her workplace.


Yura Katynsky

Ukraine / 2017, 19’

The guy comes back to his native town, where he meets some old friends. They have a good time together. By the end of the day they decide to continue this “meeting”. They jump into a car with a stranger, whose motives are unknown. Such a spontaneous decision turns out to be a chance to become closer to each other and go on a journey of self-discovery.


Kate Gornostai

Ukraine / 2017, 30’

May. Lilac blossom in Kyiv. Five friends and alcohol from the nearest supermarket. You need to be brave to face your fears, but you need to be even more courageous to tell about them to your closest. Looking for lilac’s cinquefoil to eat for good luck.