All Quiet on the Western Front

Author – Erich Maria Remarque

Art Advisor – Rostyslav Derzhypilskyi

Director, Stage Designer – Oleksiy Gnatkovskyi

Video mapping – Nikita Titov (artist), Yuri Ovchar, VJ Group Cube

Costume design – Olena Andriychuk

The events of the drama take place in 1917-1918 in Germany. This is a striking and straightforward story about war and against war. They are 20-year-old boys, soldiers of the World War I, the “lost generation”. They’ve been uprooted from their settled life and thrown into the bloody filth of war… Back then, they were boys that learnt to live and think. Now, they are cannon fodder. Soldiers. Thousands and thousands of them will find eternal rest in battlefields. Thousands and thousands of those who’ve returned will regret not having fallen among the killed. But by far, all’s quiet on the Western front…

This dramatic performance feels like real life, overwhelming us with a range of emotions – from bitter pain to unrestrained laughter and in reverse. The actors play on our nerves as musical instruments. Interactive scenes directly engage the audience into joint experience of this anything-but-simple story about life fighting death.