Volodymyr Yeshkilev (texts, voice)
Georgiy Potopalskyi (musical concept, electronics)

Poesophonia “Tibetan Aviation” is a synthesis of poetic text and music, that slowly unfolds in the womb of an air craft (in our case – a helicopter).

This poesophonia is a tribute to nameless heroes of Tibetan aviation who would protect the sky of the Ancient Tibet from flying demons in the 7th century AD.

Poesophonia “Tibetan Aviation” starts with an anguished cry of a shot down demon Hashur and a triumphant hymn sung by a demon-fighter three-time siddha of the Kingdom Hu with an unpronounceable name. It ends with a guardian song sung by Tibetan virgins seeing off their demon-fighting pilots into the high cloudless sky.

Synthesis of poetic text and music.