THE STRAYED (Ukraine, 2017, film run: 97′). Directed by Arkadii Nepytaliuk

International title: The Strayed
Original title: Pryputni
Directed by: Arkadii Nepytaliuk
Screenplay: Arkadii Nepytaliuk, Roman Gorbik
Cast: Dmitriy Khomyak, Alena Uzluk, Nina Naboka, Yulia Vrublevskaya
Cinematography by: Aleksandr Roschin
Film editing: Evgenia Lisetskaya
Music: Roman Cherenov
Producer: Yuriy Minzyanov, Vlad Ryashin
Production: Star Media

A grandmother, her daughter and granddaughter – three women, three generations, constituting a small family. Their hard, lonely and miserable lives have become closely intertwined with love and hate playing a part in their own personal circumstances. A trip to visit the grandmother living in the small, God-forsaken and almost abandoned village of Pryputnі becomes a turning point. In just one day, filled with strange and almost tragic events, the women are forced to re-evaluate their lives and break out of the vicious circle of daily routine, dull habits and fusty old ideas. A new and fresh outlook beckons…


The special mention from the Jury of the National Competition of 8th Odessa International Film Festival, 2017

Best Director Award of the XVII «International Festival of Red Cross and Health Films» (Bulgaria), 2017

The Ukrainian Film Academy Award Golden Dziga 2018 for the Best Supporting Actress – Nina Naboka

“The Strayed” film screening will be present as a part of the special project of the International Festival PORTO FRANKO – “Ukrainian Cinema – in Prime Time!”