“The Sweet”

A one-woman show “The Sweet” was inspired by a Ukrainian novel “Sweet Darusya” by Maria Matios. The show depicts a Hutsul village. The main character Darusya is considered by the local community to be insane, but in fact, none of them has a deeper understanding than her of the scale of the tragedy that is raging around and how these hard times ruin personality. She – “The Sweet” – does not feel a sweet taste of life, and what’s more, she totally hates sweets. She is the one who conceals a mystery, which is gradually being revealed in front of us only to let us sense the inevitability of the tragic outcome.


“The Sweet” received the Grand-Prix of the MOTYF One-man Show Festival in Poland (2017), the First Prize and the Audience Choice Award at the One Actor Tournament “Alone On the Stage” (Slupsk, 2016), the Second Prize at the 9th National One-man Show and Chamber Theatres Festival “Bamberka 2017”, the First Prize at Zagorski Meetings of Chamber Theatres.

Director – Małgorzata Pashker-Wojcieszonek

Darusya – Marta Pohrebny

Photo – Przemek Wiśniewski