THOMAS R. MOORE (BE): Extended Techniques

THOMAS R. MOORE: “When one uses the phrase Extended Techniques, normally our thoughts, as performers and composers, go to the the wild new acoustic techniques that were developed (mostly) in the later half of the 20th century. To some extent, that is still true. However nowadays, this definition hardly covers the range of sounds, techniques and instruments that comes with the tool box of possibilities created by electronics.  Our performance practice has literally been extended into the virtual realm.

In this lecture, I would like to share my own experiences implementing these new electronically extended techniques as a soloist and with Nadar Ensemble.  We can talk about how they have effected my preparations, performances and what, perhaps, the audience perceives”.

The conversation with THOMAS R. MOORE is a part of Education Program of International festival of performing, visual and media arts PORTO FRANKO-2018 – “Culture in the air: sustainability of culture and art initiatives”.

Curator – NGO “Insha Osvita”.