“KHAMMERMAN DESTROYS VIRUSES” (“KHZV”) call themselves “The most adequate band in Ukraine”. They combine music, conceptual art and theatre. During one concert, they can perform to the accompaniment of a string quartet, a choir, a rock band and a primitive orchestration record.

The band has performed at many musical and art festivals. They created their own rock-opera “Rosebud” which included academic, jazz and rock musicians as well as singers, among them: Oleksandr Pipa (Attraktor, ex-BB, ex Borsch), Daniela Zayushkina (Vivienne Mort) and opera singer Andriy Perebyinis. The opening night of “Rosebud” was one of the greatest events at ГОГОЛЬFEST 2015.

KHZV are known by their unique stage personas that never repeat themselves. They use octopi as headgear, dead rabbits, mausoleum models and other complex engineer designs, water-based paint and putty, diapers and pillows made of feathers, pigs’ eyes and blood, golden dust, soft toys and so on. They can be perceived in different ways: in Russian social media publics they are tagged as “Ukrainian degradants”, the orthodox perceive them as fools, others — as people with mental and psychosexual deviations, art magazines write about “cross-sectoral cultural phenomenon”.

NB! An entrance ticket to the Potoski Palace gives the right to attend the whole evening program from 7:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.