The Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine was followed by theatre revolution. In recent years, the number of independent theatre initiatives and associations has exceeded the number of state theaters. There are 120 independent theaters and 28 state theaters in Kyiv. A similar situation can be observed in Kharkiv, Lviv, Zaporizhya etc.

What encouraged this theatre boom, and what differentiates independent theatres? What is the geography of this boom? Which texts are staged, which directors and artists are invited? Why do state theatre actors have auditions for independent / private initiatives more often? How can a theatre become sustainable and independent? What conditions contribute to the development of independent theatres in Kiev and other cities? What does modern Ukrainian audience want to hear and see and what are they ready to pay for? What to do if you really want to establish your own independent theatre?

We will talk about the viability of independent theatres with Yaroslava Kravchenko, Founder and Director in Wild Theatre, Head of Ukrainian Independent Theatres Union.

Wild Theatre is one of the most popular independent theatres in Ukraine. Founded in February 2016, Wild Theatre is a theater that shares a common language with the modern audience to talk about their concerns. The theater produces performances on acute social issues. Provocation, action and shock are the main “tools” of interaction.