IVANO-FRANKIVSK FEAT. LUXEMBOURG: A jazz concert of original music by Grammy Award Winner GAST WALTZING

For the first time in Ivano-Frankivsk! Conductor, composer, trumpeter, winner of the Grammy Award for “The best world music album” (2016) GAST WALTZING and the Big Band of National Presidential Orchestra (Kyiv, Ukraine) are going to show their original program of jazz music.

The program features GAST WALTZING’s original orchestration and a new interpretation of Ukrainian classical music.

Luxembourg guitarist, composer and arranger David Labourier will also perform in the concert. His composition ‘Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Band’, which was created for the National Jazz Orchestra of Luxembourg, was named the best in nomination “Jazz music” at the International Composer Contest.

The Big Band of National Presidential Orchestra of Ukraine will perform GAST WALTZING’s music “Traffic Jam & Re:Jam”, “Moon Over Sapporo”, “B Trumped” and David Labourier’s “Fast and Furious”, “Bip Blop”, “Gunpowder” as part of the special concert program at the International Festival of Performing, Visual and Media Arts PORTO FRANKO 2018.