“We do not ask what air is, do not waste time to discuss, argue, think about it. Until we find ourselves in a crowded stuffy room”
Zygmunt Bauman

Airport is a controversial place – it is inspiring and annoyingly bureaucratic simultaneously. Airport is defined by a British Sociologist Zygmunt Bauman as a “non-place” – a public place where its temporary inhabitants are constantly replacing each other. This is a social space. Nevertheless, communication in such “non-places” is very superficial and boils down to simple instructions.

Art also happens to follow instructive patterns when an artist chooses to stick to institutional conventions and topical issues. Art often becomes formalized by establishing its own order, rules and recommendations, which contradicts its original function.

Art is a free-zone and a constant search for opportunities to push back its borders. It cannot evolve being limited by the rules for a longer time and, like our social realm, constantly craves for changes saving the world from numbness. Modern artists have enough leeway and are now free to take advantage of all kinds of media to implement their ideas without limiting themselves with picture frames or material objects only.

This summer, the Visual Art Program of PORTO FRANKO festival 2018 will feature art works performed in different media by 9 artists representing 3 countries. Among them: a total media installation by Alina Kleitman (Kyiv), Sasha Kurmazas project (Kyiv), sculpture work in public space by Zhanna Kadyrova (Kyiv), Volodymyr Topiy’s performance (Lviv), media-installation by Serhiy Petlyuk (Lviv), a combination of ready-made and painting by Yuri Borynets(Ivano-Frankivsk), an art event by Volodymyr Kuznetsov (Kyiv), an art installation by OX (Paris) and a combination of different media in works of Brian Fernandes-Halloran (New York).

We offer you to reflect on freedom of art, freedom of movement, freedom of thought, freedom of interpretation and freedom as such.

So, isn’t it hard for you to breathe?