Documents of the Epoch (1928) FEAT «OWL’S DREAM»

Documents of the Epoch is the most famous film released by the All-Ukrainian Photo and Cinema Administration (Ukrainian: Vse-Ukrains’ke Foto Kino Upravlinnia, VUFKU), based on 40,000 metres of chronicles shot between 1917 and 1922. The sensational film discovery Documents of the Epoch combines unique footage of Kyiv and Odesa of the early 20th century with film chronicles of Ukrainian history from the World War I until the late 1920s.

Leonid Mogylevsky based the film on supposedly ideologically outdated archive footage (‘pieces of positivity’ and pre-revolutionary ‘garbage’) which had been preserved in the archives of the VUFKU film studios or bought out from other film organisations and individuals. Although the chronicles in the film are squeezed through the sieve of ideologised intertitles, which sometimes explain and sometimes falsify historical events, Documents of the Epoch remain an unprecedented and very valuable visual evidence of the most dramatic pages of Ukrainian history in the 20th century.

A closer look at the mechanisms of working with senses in the film Documents of the Epoch will be facilitated by the soundtrack performed by the Owl’s Dream bandin which the musicians will try to make new emphases in contrast to the titles and the content of 1928.

This mini-orchestra consisting of the keyboard (Kyrylo Tsukanov), cello (Yevheniya Smolyaninova) and saxophone (Mykhailo Sarana) puts new accents in the film through a mixture of academic music, jazz, and electro.

Documents of the Epoch

Director: Leonid Mohylevsky, Y. Habovych
Editor: Leonid Mohylevsky
All-Ukrainian Photo and Cinema Administration
Oleksandr Dovzhenko Film Center
The film perfomance Documents of the Epoch (1928) FEAT «OWL’S DREAM» is a project of the Oleksandr Dovzhenko National Center (Dovzhenko Center).