Ion Din Anina (Spain)

In 2002, human bone remains were discovered in a cave near Anina (Romania):
Ion Din Anina, the oldest modern man in Europe, more than 40,000 years old.

Ion din Anina is a dj with many facets: capable of soundscaping a restaurant creating a perfect atmosphere
while you eat at the same time being able to make you dance along to the ecstasy of thousands of people on the main stage of a festival.

His career, spanning more than 15 years behind the decks, is good enough proof. His sessions have covered a lot of clubs throughout Europe: Berlin, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Dublin, Brussels, Paris, London, Madrid and Milan.

You can also find him in other very different environments: the Reina Sofía Museum, sounding KöK, the best brunch in Seville, facilitating Ecstatic Dance´s sessions or presenting the weekly Viveylate Radio show.

All these faces come together with a common goal: to update the popular, creating synergies between traditional music and the new electronic currents.

Music from the past, the present and the future; ranging from Latin America to the Carpathians; generating a global sound where the rhythms of this planets and others have a place.

During these years, he has shared the stage with bands as Fanfare Ciocarlia, Systema Solar, Balkan Beat Box, Kumbia Queers, Sargento García, Chico Trujillo, Bombino, Ojos de Brujo or Che Sudaka. And dj’s as Uproot Andy, Dunkelbunt, Shantel, Nickodemus, Chancha Via Circuito or Frikstailers.