Javiro (Spain)

Javiro, originating from Southern Spain, is co-director and in resident DJ of Wapapura (Wapapura is about creating a respectful relationship with the Earth and her resonant spaces through the power of Music. Its goal is the engage the acoustic potential of natural, sacred and historic spaces with musical performances for on-site audiences or virtual audiences that can watch online from anywhere in the world). As the driving force in Wapapura to discover new contexts for dance events he was a pioneer in producing the first ever solar powered daytime outdoor dance parties in Spain and Colombia with events like the
“Perdiz Tropical”, “Sonera Solar” and the “Tropical Camp”.

As a DJ, he loves to make people dance while he explores the boundary breaking influence of Tropical Music in musical styles from all over the world. In his own events in Spain and events in Belgium, Colombia, South Africa, Ukraine and Germany, Javiro has shared the stage with Throes + The Shine, Uproot Andy, Sargento Garcia, Nicola Cruz, Richard Blair, Hector Buitrago, Caballito, Tremenda Jauria, El Tunche Sound Systema, Maga Bo, Guacamayo Tropical, El Remolón, Candeleros…