Kyiv dream-pop-rock band LATEXFAUNA presents songs from their new album AJAHUASKA on the main stage of International Festival of Performing, Visual and Media Arts PORTO FRANKO 2018.

LATEXFAUNA courageously combines indie-sounds with sophisticated surzhyk (combination of Ukrainian and Russian languages). The long-awaited full Long Play was released after really successful “first season” to the delight of Ukrainian hipsters and music media. Boys didn’t think about releasing an album when they uploaded tracks in the Internet. However, they caught indie lovers’ and music critics’ attention from the first track, in honor of which the album was named.

If you asked what the name “Ajahuaska” means, the front man of the band Dima Zezyulin would answer in a quite philosophical manner: “It is a fictional story about a non-existent tribe that wants to remain wild and never embark on a path of industrialization in order not to lose their connection with wild nature and an  internal animal world.” It happens that all new tracks of the band are somehow related to the topic of freedom and harmony.

The members of the band:

Dmytro Zezyulin – vocals

Konstantin Levitsky – guitar

Alexander Dyman – bass guitar

Alexander Milnykov – piano/synthesizer

Maxim Grebin – drums