Oh Magic

“Oh Magic” wanders through the wonders of theatrical magic. It is that mysterious unnamable thing we sometimes have the chance to encounter in a piece. But, where does it come from and where does it take us? What fascinates us as a performer or as a spectator? Somewhere between freak and fascination, Simon Mayer and his performers seek for the answers both in technological manipulation and organic oracles.

Oh Magic, … is a live concert, played by robots and performers. Using musical instruments in an unconventional way they bring dance and performance, music and soundscapes, robotics and visual arts together on stage.

Oh Magic – Trailer from Simon Mayer on Vimeo

Compography, concept & performance Simon Mayer
Co-creation & performance Clara Frühstück, Patric Redl, Tobias Leibetseder, Manuel Wagner
Sound design Tobias Liebetseder
Robot operator Manuel Wagner
Costume design Andrea Simeon
Light design Heinz Kasper
Technical director and operator Jan Maria Lucas
Robotics, electronics & engineering Dominik Strzelec
Sound Lukas Froschauer, Rene “Ringo” Grömer
Dramaturgy Robert Steijn
Research and anthropologic advice Justine François, Manuel Wagner

Partner of the project – The Austrian Cultural Forum in Kyiv