Pianoboy finished his large-scale national tour “Na vershyni” (“At the top”) during which Dmytro Shurov and his band were showing their new program with a chamber orchestra and an exclusive light show in all big cities of Ukraine. But Shurov decided not to take a break. Instead, he took the chair of a judge in a new season of X-factor on STB TV channel and has started his trip from one summer festival to another to get inspiration and power to conquer new music summits.

Dmytro Shurov: “As for me, Pianoboy’s concerts are sessions of spirit-lifting magic which both the band and spectators can feel. An autumn tour “At the top” was larger and more musical than the previous one. Pianoboy got richer in new songs and new people. At our concerts, our piano-gang gives people all that we have, and I’m looking forward to meeting with our fans on summer festival stages.”

Pianoboy is a true pop music which is known and understood in New-York and London. You can realize that you listen to Shurov and his team from the first chords. Whatever they play, either a well-liked “Rodyna” (“Family”) or “Imagine” (by Jonh Lennon), everything sounds fresh, new and true. Live concerts of piano-gang are always a sellout and buil strong connection between a musician and a listener.  That’s why Pianoboy keeps taking by storm new bigger music stages to ensure enough space for his ever-increasing army of fans.