RECT_STRUCT: interactive audiovisual installation by Georgiy Potopalskiy

Interactive audiovisual installation based on algorithmic synthesis audio stream and generating 3D space in real time.

RECT_STRUCT is an interactive system of kinetic connection between man and the software environment.

rect_struct has its own behavioral mechanism that nevertheless responds to the impact from the outside, interpreting the effect introducing it into its own algorithm. Generation of an audio stream is based on the relationships rectangular oscillators with the rhythmic patterns of binary code. The video stream generation is based on the parameters of the general algorithm and is in close connection with the audio. The whole system is rigidly structured and generates “infinite” variety of options possible combinations of elements of the algorithm at each new start and over time. Behavioral mechanism of rect_struct characterized by a number of states: standby – scanning – interpretation In the standby mode the system is at rest. Upon detection of the angular excitations in the system scans the installation space, highlighting the main kinetic parameters, then interpreting and implementing them in the algorithm rect_struct