S2DIO is a music space and a vinyl store. It is a space that has a cultural and educational mission to unite people who appreciate music. S2DIO presents its own DJ showcase at PORTO FRANKO 2018.


Roman Dub (also known as DUB-RO) is a DJ, artist, producer, creator, active person, organizer and poet. He is an owner of a large vinyl collection.




ABCD is a new name of an old school Kiev DJ, formerly known as Anton Junior. He has played exclusively on vinyl since 1997. He was a member of the DSM team and a resident of the legendary ULTRA club.

His mixes are always full of energy and experiments combining various styles – deep, dub, break & techno.






Vitvitski (Andriy Vytvitsky) is from Ivano-Frankivsk. He got his feet wet in music in 2008. He has an unusual approach, and fans of electronic music regard him as a talented artist with an interesting music taste.