Zapaska was launched in 2009 by Iana Shpachynska and Pavlo Nechytaylo. The first compositions of Zapaska were attempts to create simple and cute songs based on live looping of acoustic instruments and multivocalisms.

In 2010 the first EP Lanka was recorded (it included five songs with polylingual lyrics) and was accompanied by two music videos. The second EP Translitom was released in September 2011 on XXX Waves record label.

The duo toured in Ukraine and participated in many festivals in the country and abroad. After implementation of the fx processors and drum machine, electronic element in ZAPASKA’s compositions increased. Today the shift from the initial liquid acoustic sound to the solid electro-rock is underway. ZAPASKA is permanently changing, enriching its sound, and live performances of the duo often exceed expectations of the audience acquainted with the EPs. In spite of all changes, what remains stable in Zapaska is a crystalline authentic fusion.


2010 Lanka (EP) / Self released

2011 Translitom (EP) / XXX Waves/Наш формат

2014 Kontur (LP) / Slnko Records

2016 Pomalu (LP) / Slnko Records